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Jim - a Neighbourcare driver and Rushmoor Award holder


We have been operating in the Farnborough area for nearly 20 years and in that time have assisted hundreds of people to attend thousands of appointments! Andrew Morris, Chief Executive at Frimley Park Hospital wrote commending Neighbourcare for the contribution it had made to the efficient conduct of the hospital appointment system.

More about us

We have an office at Devereux House which clients contact when they need a lift to a medical appointment. The office is manned 10:00 - 12:00, Monday - Friday. There is an answerphone service available outside of office hours.


Good neighbours, great service


We have a board of trustees who are responsible for the finances and management of Neighbourcare


Clients and volunteers have a list of the recommended donations for the drives undertaken

Good Neighbours Support Service

We work with the Good Neighbours Support Service (GNSS). This was established in 1976 and is supported by the Church of England. It is a unique service that is funded by local councils and the NHS clinical commissioning groups.

GNSS provides:

   - advice to the elderly who need help with every day living

   - a wide range of services such as befriending

   - publications, conferences and training events for Neighbourcare volunteers

   - sample policies and procedures

   - website promoting GNSS services and local groups in the Network: www.goodneighbours.org.uk

Arranging jobs for drivers - Simple, Clear, Honest.

Step one

The client will telephone the office and give the date and time of their medical appointment.

Step two

The  Office will then find a volunteer who can do the job and give the job a number

Step three

Donations are placed in the brown envelopes provided and the job number recorded on the envelope

Step four

Drivers are provided with job sheets and expenses claim forms. Expenses claim forms should be returned to the treasurer regularly and at least every three months as cheques and tokens can date.



Partnership working

We work closely with Rushmoor Voluntary Services and the Good Neighbour Support Service. They are an excellent source of advice and practical help

Many hands, light work

Currently we have about 35 men and women who work as volunteer drivers or help out in the office

Award winning service

Many of our drivers have been given awards by both Rushmoor Voluntary Service and Hampshire County Council in recognition of their hard work and long service.


We always try to make a difference

Ask how we can make a difference in your life..

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