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We are always keen to welcome new volunteers and add to our pool of drivers

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please feel free to have a look at the details below. All you need to do is return the completed application form to us and we will have a chat.

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Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a rewarding and enjoyable activity. Neighbourcare offers you an opportunity to play an active role in a service that is much appreciated within the community.

One of us, one of us


Meet people

You will meet a wide variety of interesting people who value your support

Meet People




You have flexibility

You can agree times and dates on a weekly basis which allows you to fit appointments around your other commitments.






Volunteering, benefits and tax

There is often confusion about whether volunteering affects an individual's State Benefit entitlement. You are required to inform Job Centre Plus about volunteering. As long as it does not exceed the actual expense incurred, claiming expenses should have no bearing on your payment. Volunteers are entitled to re-imbursement for their expenses. It is reimbursement rather than extra income, so would not usually need to be declared on a tax form. For further information see Volunteering and State Benefits at



Appointment arrangements

No fuss 

When arranging appointments with clients, duty officers at the Neighbourcare office do the liaison work.

The duty officer contacts a volunteer on behalf of a client and arranges the driving job date and pick up time.

This information is relayed to the client together with the volunteer's first name for identification purposes.

The volunteer will be given details of the job and a job number.