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For nearly two decades, Farnborough Neighbourcare has supported its neighbours by helping them with their medical appointments.

If you are elderly, housebound or have limited mobility, then we can help.

The men and women who drive for us are friendly and helpful. They have also been DBS checked. Safeguarding is an important priority for us. Just let us know where and when your medical appointment is and we will do our best to arrange transport.

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Our core service

Farnborough Neighbourcare provides transport services to the elderly, housebound or those with mobility concerns.

We do our best

We support nearly 1500 requests a year, helping our neighbours get to their medical appointments:

  • Hospital departments
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Chiropodists and Chiropracters
  • Therapists and other clinics

Hospital appointments

We will get you to and from Frimley Park, Fleet, Aldershot, Guildford, Woking etc

Doctor's surgery

Need to visit your GP? Let us know and we can help.

Dentist's surgery

We'll see you safely delivered

Chiropodists, Chiropractors and other clinics

Let us know when and where..



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